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Hancock's 1891 "Mystery Rink" Returns to its Original Home

In 1891 a little known performing troupe called the Hancock Dramatists were the toast of the town performing penny opera's on the so-called "Mystery Rink." This ice rink was built halfway inside a barn and partially outside to allow for indoor or outdoor usage for the local residents. The name was coined as each time a private event happened here or a public engagement the hosts would change the billing name of the rink to promote their efforts.

Thus the Mystery Rink title was born in the media. As their audience grew and profits for the Hancock Dramatists were realized, the International Organization for Odd Fellows built Odd Fellows Hall, which is more commonly known today as the Hancock Capitol Theater. When it was built and opened in 1909-19010 as an Opera House, it was built to house this talented group of artists who brought so much culture and entertainment to the local community.

The original rink was located in what is now the Hancock Town Square opposite NBT Bank the white house currently located behind NBT Bank is the Pettigill House, which originally stood in the Bank's location 180 degrees clockwise and it was the Pettigill Barn that hosted the rink each year. More than 130 years later Delaware County and Hancock Partners are bringing this history back to life for local residents by placing the ice rink back in almost the exact same location and veery nearly the same size as the original which was 50x90. The Hancock Rink is 50-30, but is expandable each year and Hancock Partners is still seeking grant funds to expand it for next year and add hockey nets for local sporting teams.

Hancock Partners will also be offering special rates for Advertising and working with local Hotels and bridal parties for private events during the six weeks it will be open.

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