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The mission of the Hancock Partners (501c3) organization is to combat community deterioration by developing programs or incentives to attract new businesses/employers by actively recruiting opportunities best suited to the Hancock area. By helping to promote the growth of Hancock businesses on a year-round basis and increase activities favorable to such growth, Hancock Partners seeks to lessen the burdens of local government by interacting with local business, and community organizations as a formal asset. This is accomplished by providing a Community Events Coordinator, and a Grants Administrator for the region including large infrastructure needs for Main Street Revitalization, Energy Efficiency, Health & Human Services, Affordable Housing, and Economic Development.


  • Industry: Increase private & public investment in the community.

  • Tourism: Reduce vacant storefronts and to make local businesses more profitable

  • Beautification: Make Hancock more appealing to live in and raise a family here within our community.

Hancock Partners work hand in hand with the Hancock Chamber of CommerceVillage & Town Boards, Delaware County, NY State Agencies, and Federal Agencies. ​

Hancock Partners is leading the front lines on economic development. In 2019 Hancock Partners launched the Hancock Economic Development Initiative(HEDI). A financial contribution by the George A. and Margaret Mee Charitable Foundation as well as financial contributions from the Village of Hancock and the Town helped to secure the necessary funding to hire Community & Events Coordinator and an Economic Development Director to implement the HEDI initiatives over a three year period.​

In addition to the HEDI plan, you will find the Hancock Partners applying for numerous grants on behalf of other local businesses and organizations to further establish private/public funding opportunities. This allows the community to plan for the next 20 years by providing resources for new infrastructure, tourism programs, and  business development.​

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Gerald DaBrescia
President Emeritus

Gerald DaBrescia, retired insurance broker, one of the original founding members of the Hancock Partners, former HP President: HCS Board of Education, Board of Trade, HIDC; current president: Louise Adelia Read Memorial Library and Hancock Partners. Purchasing Director Bard Parker Division, Board Member Read Memorial and Delaware Valley Hospital,  President Louise Adelia Read Library Board.

 Mike Argiros
President of the Board

​Mike Argiros joined the Board of the Hancock Partners in 2006. He has served as both Vice President and Treasurer. 

Mike’s educational and professional background is in business finance and administration. He has experience in Banking, Construction, Computer programming, IT services, and Education Administration.  Mike & his family own & operate several key businesses in Hancock, including the Hancock Herald, Hancock Cinemas and he also serves as bookkeeper for several area businesses.

Dr. Robert Sintich
Vice President & Board Director for Medical Research & Public Relations

Dr. Sintich’s educational background includes a Master degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, as well as a Doctoral Degree from Rutgers University. His doctoral thesis centered on the study of a Community College System in the State of New Jersey. Dr. Sintich has served as a Commissioner/ public memeber for the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission (NLNAC). On October 1, 2021 he began his term as Commissioner and public member of the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN). He also served as the Vice President of a New Jersey School Board. He has more than 40 years of higher education administration experience where he has held various administrative positions at several community colleges. At Warren County Community College (main campus Washington N.J.) Dr. Sintich has served as Dean of Students, Assistant Dean of Curriculum, Dean of Academic Affairs, Chief Academic Officer and Provost. He has also been chairman of the Departments of English, Mathematics, History, Psychology, Science and Sociology, as well as Professor of History and Social Science. He has led the creation of Warren’s Nursing, Automotive, Food and Beverage programs, as well as, The V.I.P.E.R. program for veterans. Dr. Sintich is a veteran who served in the US Army Medical Service Corps as a reserve officer and reached the rank of Captain. As an undergraduate student he had the distinct pleasure of serving as a Congressional Intern for Congressmen William F. Ryan (N.Y). He currently is also on the Board for the Hancock New York Partners which is an economic development group for business, industry and health. He was recently honored by The College's Board of Truestees and Warren County Freeholders being awarded the President's award in its Hall of Fame, as well as, being awarded Professor Emeritus status.

Elaine George
Treasurer & Board Director for Finance & Membership

​Elaine George currently works at Chubb in the Digital IoT Operations division in NYC where she is helping to launch several IoT pilot programs. Prior to joining the IoT department, she was was an underwriting manager in the multinational division. She has over 15 years of underwriting & business development experience. Prior to Chubb, she worked in California for USLI, a Berkshire Hathaway Company & for Patriot Insurance Company, a Regional Carrier in Maine. Elaine is the current Chair of the CPCU Society Risk Management Group and holds the CPCU, ARM, & RPLU designations.

Jeff Skelding
Secretary & Board Director for Ecological Programs

Jeff is an avid fly fisherman and a long time conservation professional, combining two of my life’s passion is more like a dream come true. It’s an added bonus that I have the privilege of working to protect and restore the river where I spent my entire childhood. My experiences growing up on the banks of the Delaware in southeast Pennsylvania played a vital role in shaping my views on conservation in future years. Little did I know then that someday I would have a chance to help lead a committed and dedicated organization comprised of people who love this river as much as I do. FUDR has established itself as a growing and effective advocacy voice for the river. While a fundamental objective of FUDR is to protect the fishery and its habitat for our sporting passion, the organization, led by its dedicated Board of Directors, has also established a broader presence and mission. FUDR cares about the people and the communities of the upper Delaware region and is committed to an agenda that is sensitive to the needs and desires of the people who live here, seeks to improve the economic health of the region, and works to protect and restore the tremendous natural resources values of this region. Comprehensive watershed protection must address a mosaic of often complex economic, social, cultural and ecological considerations.

Susan Bick
Board Director for Finance & Membership

​Susan Bick has extensive professional experience with foundation board management, strategic planning, staff management and financial oversight of nonprofits. Susan studied economics at both the undergraduate and graduate level. She retired from the Michigan State University (MSU) College of Human Medicine as Assistant Dean of Advancement. Susan also served as Assistant Vice President at the University of Florida and at the Ohio State University Foundation where her responsibilities included overseeing the $2.5 billion “But for Ohio State Campaign” planned giving, regional advancement, leadership giving, parents program, prospect strategy and management, the foundation board, and stewardship and donor relations. Susan has also served as Senior Director of Development andAlumni Relations for Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. In her seven years there, she worked with college leadership and faculty to grow their fundraising program to be consistently among the top-performing units. Susan also helped to close a successful $70 million campaign in 2007.Prior to MSU, Susan directed the Chicago regional market for the University of Michigan (UM) during their $3.2 billion “Michigan Difference” campaign. Before coming to UM, Susan served in the Office of Institutional Planning and Budget at Case Western Reserve University as a financial analyst. 

Russell Bass
Board Director for Economic Development

Russell Bass & Sons Lumber, LLC is a leading provider of hardwoods & Hancock Bluestone in the Northeastern U.S. Bass & Sons ships product throughout America and major foreign markets.. The hardwood manufacturing mill has been owned and operated in Fishs Eddy, New York by the Bass family for nearly 75 years. Russell Bass & Sons Lumber is a major employer in the area and makes significant​ contributions to the community in economic development and jobs including: French Woods Golf & Country Club, the Hancock House Hotel, Bass Cabins, the Old Bat factory Mobile gas Station, their numerous Logging Facilities Mr.Bass represents one of the most influential and invested families in the entire region, and their indelible mark on Hancock will leave a lasting legacy for the next 100 years!

Dawn Joyce
Board Director for Membership & Finance

Having grown up in Orson, PA and graduating from Hancock Central School, I am passionate about the quality of life in Hancock and the surrounding  area.  Dawn has been a branch manager at NBT Bank for 18 years, in the Hancock office and now also in Deposit.   NBT Bank has been a strong advocate for the work and programs at the Hancock Partners including financial sponsorship, and we want all local businesses to feel welcome and to continue to grow their business with us at NBT.

Ron Shaeffer
Board Director for Arts & Culture Programs

Ron Schaefer, the founder of the French Woods Camp, and the acclaimed French Woods Festival of the Arts (www.frenchwoods.com), is the visionary behind the Hancock-French Woods Arts Alliance. Originally a music teacher in the New York public school system, Ron has spent the last 40+ years in the performing arts camping business affording children the opportunity to be exposed to and to excel in the arts. Motivated to ensure that there is a next generation of passionate artists, the impetus to form HFWAA came from Mr. Schaefer's desire to be able to assist dedicated young people committed to a career in the arts by offering financial support in pursuing their education .Additionally, Ron Schaefer recognized that the French Woods Festival camp is located in an area of New York that is both economically repressed and culturally diverse. In an environment where performing and visual arts are the first subjects to be cut in school, he, uniquely, felt and feels a responsibility to offer those families a quality performing arts program for their children. The creation of HFWAA can help set the stage for a lifelong appreciation of the arts by creating and offering programming throughout the school year and during the summer to these families and others in similar demographics. Long-term, the Schaefer family dreams of making French Woods Festival a venue that is available to assist local artists and aspiring artists by offering off-season workshops, performances, lessons and an avenue to display their art and/or craft. Through HFWAA, the Schaefer family's commitment and with your generous donations, this could happen.Ron Schaefer has spent his entire life in camping and is responsible for the development of French Woods’ unique individualized program over the past forty six years. He has a background as a music teacher for the New York City public schools and and a musical theater college instructor at the New World School of the Arts in Miami, FL.

Chris Gross
Board Director for Economic Development

Chris Gross is a native of Hancock, where he resides with his wife, Danielle and their 5 children. Chris is the owner of Upper Delaware Real Estate and a founding member of the Hancock Partners, Inc.

Richard H. Lowe, III
Director of Economic & Regional Development

Richard is the Vice President of Hancock Area Chamber of Commerce, committee, Board Member of the Catskills Explorer Excursion Train Line, Chairperson for the the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway, Owner of Richard Lowe Fashion Group and patent pioneer for numerous manufacturing categories around the world. Most notably recognized in the media for his fashion designs for celebrities and turning around heritage brands. His fashion and media contributions can be found in museums all over the world.  Additionally, he works as the community's Director of Regional & Economic Development for Hancock Partners. Richard enjoys writing grants, making sweeping infrastructure upgrades for generations ahead, and youth focused community building. Much of his early works in these fields can be seen in his hometown Manchester, Tennessee, which is now the model for most towns in Tennessee for Parks & Recreations and outdoor events.

Lori Rae Silvers 
Events Coordinator 

Lori Rae Silvers is an acclaimed and celebrated jewelry designer. Her works are sold at the Baseball Hall of Fame and shop and high end stores across the region. A graduate of New York University  Lori studied dance with Madonna nd Jennifer Lopez. Lori grew up in Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn NY and was taught the family business  known as M and N Silvers Corporation. M&N manufactured fine hand made monogram jewelry and sold to all major retail boutiques and exclusive luxury stores across the country. Lori is the new Community Events Coordinator, who manages music bookings and cultural programming under the Economic Development Director. She works tirelessly to bring cultural enrichment to the Town of Hancock, and seeks best value for grant monies while working with the board to setup and ensure quality music experiences at all events.

Mike Angiolillo 
Music Coordinator 

 Mike manages all music equipment setup and special events needs under the Director and in tandem with the Events Coordinator. Mike works tirelessly to bring cultural enrichment to the Town of Hancock, and seeks best value for grant monies while working with the Event Coordinator to setup and manage quality music experiences at all Hancock Partners events.