Hancock herald Art Walk Windows


Named the "Appley Art Walk" for 2023 in loving memory of Tina Appley

"This year's walk is about celebrating love in all forms, says Richard Lowe - Secretary of the Hancock Area Chamber of Commerce & Hancock Hounds Dog Park. The 2023 Hancock Art Walk will host a “Love” theme focused on Color, Community, & Expression to coincide with the 1st Annual River Road & Rail Art Trail across Delaware County. The Art Walk will run from Memorial Day Weekend until September 4th, and the Art Trail runs from July 4th until Mid October.

The Hancock Art Walk was created by the Hancock Hounds Dog Park(HHDP) and the Hancock Arts Alliance. The art walk will begin near the entrance of the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway, at the The Campton’s Art Gallery located at 158 E Front Street Hancock, NY 13783 featuring the custom art piece below by local artist and Campton's owner Laura McManus. Laura's work will also be dramatically featured near the Hancock Town Square on the historic Kandyland building, special thanks to Mr.Pappas for allowing this again this year. His historic Art Studio will receive a makeover later this summer to be painted Fire Engine Red like the original Fire Department that was located in his Two Rivers Trading building across from the Hancock Capitol Theatre.

The Hancock Art Walk will run down E Front Street, navigating around the Hancock Town Square on Wheeler Street and then continues west along Main Street until reaching the Hancock Town Hall & Dog Park at 661 West Main Street with local artists displayed in local shop windows, and prominently displayed along the route from one end of the village to the other, terminating at the location of new dog park. The Hancock Town Hall has kindly agreed to lend artists the use of their parking fence to hang and display art for the Art Walk, for the temporary display for the months of July thru September to only be installed with permission, and only the Chamber and Dog Park Staff to ensure no damage to the fence. HHDP is working hand-in-hand with local artists, business owners and the new Hancock Arts Alliance to cultivate long-term relationships with regional artists for future Hancock Art Walks.

HHDP has been fortunate to have incredibly talented members and local artists, who have contributed to our marketing success. For example, our logo was designed by none other than the Emmy-Award winning artist and graphic designer, of CBS fame, David Keller. David’s wife Jill Keller serves as the Executive Director of HHDP. Jill Keller is also a famed artist who has been a professional food stylist for over 15 years, with clients that include fortune 500 corporations, national restaurant chains, and major media publications.

The 2023 Hancock Art Walk intends to serve as a significant attraction for travelers, homeowners, and passersby on the highway. The event’s location will encourage people to get out and appreciate what the town has to offer. It will also demonstrate how we aim to incorporate arts and culture into all of our events which will not only stimulate the minds of those coming to the events, but will also make it look visually appealing from a distance encouraging future travel to Hancock and, in turn, Delaware county as a whole. Hancock Hounds Dog Park Inc. is a 501c3 New York State Not-for-profit Charitable Corporation, the completed dog park spans 1.5 acres of flat land conveniently located behind the Hancock Town Hall at 661 W. Main Street in Hancock, New York. There are new community gardens and bench courtesy of the Delaware Valley Garden Club, currently being planted. There is also a new Chamber Information Kiosk made with a Delaware County Economic Development Grant which has also been built. Soon a new Pavillion and picnic tables and a custom Sculpture by Vallessa Monk entitled rEVolution will be placed here to highlight the new EVolve NY Electric Car Charging Stations.

The final fully-realized dog park, intended to be complete in Fall of 2023, will have two dog runs both large and small, and feature a unique collapsible training corner that can also be used as a “holding pen” when a dog needs to adjust to the new environment for proper training and for educational sessions. As Hancock is famous for its coveted stone quarries, the dog park will also feature natural cuttings of traditional and Lavender Bluestone, generously donated by Steve Zahler & family, which will form the new walkways and perimeters of the park. This will allow for proper landscaping, winter upkeep, and better handicap accessibility when the weather permits. Hancock Hounds also hopes to feature local artist installations such as: interior and exterior fencing artwork by local artists, photographers, and historic timelines of the town. The exterior of the park will have unique dog-friendly ornamental grasses and selected vegetation for ease of landscaping that can assist with seasonal drainage. 

“The Hancock Hounds Dog Park is a testament to Hancock’s growth in recent years and how we value new ideas, and listen to our neighbors,” said Jerry Vernold - Town Supervisor. “Today is a treat for the Town of Hancock’s owners and their pets.” Perhaps most importantly, the new dog park will also serve as a regional gateway for more canine awareness for causes specific to animal welfare, adoption services, public safety, as well as general physical and mental health. As more people and their animals have been cut off from safely socializing, it remains important to create a safe space for dog owners to train and build trust with their dogs and other dogs in general. This will help establish trust and reduce territorial behavior. Most public parks have leash laws and are not suitable for this type of relationship building, so it’s critical to have a place to make these meaningful connections. HHDP also hopes to create a new Animal Shelter for Hancock and foster local adoption programs with other regional partners.


Hancock Hounds Dog Park, Inc. is a NYS Not-for-Profit Charitable Corporation seeking it’s 501c3 status by the end of 2021, as an S20 NTEE community beautification charitable organization. For more information about Hancock Hounds Dog Park, Inc, please visit hancockhounds.com or email info@hancockhounds.com - Stay tuned for more information on the continued fundraising efforts on GoFundMe and follow HHDP on social media using the handle @HancockHoundsDogPark - Please remember Hancock Hounds Dog Park still needs your help and support to finish building the dog park. Please visit the official website at HancockHounds.com and learn how you can help today!

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